Where do I apply for a dog or cat license?

Dog and cat licenses are issued at the Jackson Municipal Complex. Forms are available at the Administration Office or on our website under the Clerk's section of Permits and Forms. Dogs and cats are required to be licensed after they are 5 months of age. We require the Rabies Certificate which will need to include the Manufacturer as well as the lot number of the Rabies vaccination, as well as the expiration of the Rabies vaccination before we can issue a tag. The fee for a dog license is $10 for spayed or neutered, and $15 for unaltered, and for cats, the fee is $7 for spayed or neutered and $10 for unaltered. All pets are required to be licensed each year. The tags for the new year are available in mid-December. Tags are valid from January to December of the given year. Dogs and Cats need to be licensed by January. After March 31st, there will be a $10 late fee in addition to the regular tag fee. (This fee does NOT apply to new residents who recently moved into the Village, and have pets that have not been previously licensed.)

The Village allows 2 dogs and 2 cats per household. More than 2 dogs or 2 cats require a Conditional Use Permit. The application can be found under the Permits and Form and Clerk's Office on the Village website. The application is due by the 1st Friday of the Month to be considered at the Plan Commission meeting and then the next month's Village Board meeting. Any questions, please call the Village Clerk at 262-677-9001, ext. 213.

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