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2007 Water System of the Year - Jackson Water Utility

Water Utility Group PhotoThis award was presented by the Wisconsin Rural Water Association.

Since 1989, WRWA has recognized one system each year in the State of Wisconsin that demonstrates excellence in the field of waterworks operations. The system selected is recognized for providing its customers with the highest quality of water in the most efficient manner. The Jackson Water Utility received the Association's prestigious 2007 Water System of the Year Award.

"We are committed to serving our community by meeting the daily challenges of providing a safe and adequate supply of water in all circumstances."

Water Testing

The Village of Jackson does water testing.  Water sample bottles and complete instructions can be picked up at the Department of Public Works, W194N16660 Eagle Drive. We test water for Coliform and fecal/E Coli only. We do not test for Benzene. After the sample is taken, it will need to be brought back to Department of Public Works. The fee for this test is $20, payable when the sample is brought in.

Things Every Jackson Homeowner Should Know

Jackson Water Utility was constructed in 1969, eliminating the need for individual wells for each home. Our water source is 100% ground water, obtained from 5 active producing wells, 3 of which are Artesian flowing wells. Additional facilities include 2 water towers for a combined storage capacity of 700,000 gallons, and 1 booster station. The Utility also maintains a total of approximately 45 miles of water main and 3,354 customers connected to those mains. In 2005 the water utility pumped a total of 223 million gallons of water.

Fact: A Jackson Homeowner can drink approximately 16,000 8-ounce glasses of Jackson Municipal water for the cost of one gallon of bottled water.

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