Green Valley Mobile Home Park


Notice to those selling mobile homes and to those buying mobile homes within Green Valley Mobile Home Park:

Prior to transferring or establishing a Jackson Water Utility account, the following must be performed to be in conformance with Village codes and policies: A meter horn and valving as described in the Village Code, Chapter 16, Section 16.09 (A).

16.09 METERS

A. METERS. Meters placed by the utility are not to be disconnected or interfered with by the customer. Meters shall be so located that they will be easily accessible for reading and inspection, installation and exchange. Such location to be designated by the Jackson Water Utility. The customer shall at his own expense provide the proper connection and shut off valves for the meter. All commercial/industrial connections with a 1 inch or larger meter shall install a "bypass", which shall have a valve that will enable the Jackson Water Utility to lock in the closed position. All residential units shall provide a 1 inch x 7 1/2 inch meter horn connection with inlet and outlet shut off valves in a readily accessible location, approved by the Jackson Water Utility prior to installation of the water meter and connection to the water supply. No meter shall be installed for customer service without it's own, separate, individual outside shutoff or stop box. (#95-17) (97-01)

Note: The water lateral will be turned off at the time of the final read unless the meter horn has been installed. The water will be turned on after the meter horn has been installed and approved.

Steps For Installation

Steps to be taken to have the approved meter horn and valving installed:

  1. The meter horn and valving shall be installed by a licensed plumber after a plumbing permit is secured. The cost of the Plumbing Permit is $35. (Note: It is recommended to obtain quotes on the same work from more than one licensed plumber for the performance of the work, prior to selecting the contractor.)
  2. The meter horn shall be installed in a readily accessible location, approximately 3' above the floor.
  3. Ball valves (either 1 inch or 3/4 inch, depending on the size of the service) shall be installed on both the inlet and outlet sides of the water meter.
  4. Upon completion of the work, a request for an inspection shall be made to the Village Plumbing Inspector (Phone: 677-9696). The inspector has 48 hours to make the inspection, so provide as much lead time as possible for the appointment for the inspection. In most cases, the inspection will be made the same day, but the inspector's schedule may not permit an inspection to be made the same day as requested.
  5. The Jackson Water Utility will respond to final meter reading requests (after work is complete) within 24 hours of receiving the call, except for calls made on the weekend.

Approved at the May 14, 2002 Village Board Meeting